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Welcome to Melissa Counseling & Coaching.

Melissa Landi-Quiter, MA, Licensed Professional Counselor/Coach
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Lament (Whom will you cry to, heart?)

Whom will you cry to, heart? More and more lonely,
your path struggles on through incomprehensible
mankind. All the more futile perhaps
for keeping to its direction,
keeping on toward the future,
toward what has been lost.

Once. You lamented? What was it? A fallen berry
of jubilation, unripe.
But now the whole tree of my jubilation
is breaking, in the storm it is breaking, my slow
tree of joy.
Loveliest in my invisible
landscape, you that made me more known
to the invisible angels.

Rainer Maria Rilke
Translated by Stephen Mitchell

It is normal to feel overwhelmed by life at times. Experiencing sadness, loneliness, fear, worry and confusion is a part of being human. If you are feeling like nothing is working in your life, you have waves of anxiety or depression that seem to hit you out of nowhere, your relationship is suffering and you wonder if this is all there is, counseling may be the relief you seek. 

If you are struggling with
Anxiety, Depression, Transitions (financial status,
retirement, empty nest, new home/location, illness, etc.),
(dating, engagement, pre-marital, marriage, separation, divorce, etc.)
or Career Exploration (laid off, fired, new title, new function, new career, life purpose, etc.), then I may be a good fit for you.

My expertise as a counselor and coach is in assisting individuals and couples,
as well as facilitating a variety of
groups, in relation to the areas listed above.
I welcome the opportunity to provide you some deserved relief.

How to Get Started:

Everyday challenges can become very overwhelming at times. When it feels like the challenges are outweighing everything else, your happiness is waning and your spirit is following, it may be the perfect time to seek resources that can assist you.

Counseling and coaching are resources that have a long history of assisting people in tackling everyday challenges and freeing people from the dark clouds that can seem to hover too long.

Melissa Counseling & Coaching is designed to assist you in a unique way that many other counselors do not. By offering my mastery of coaching skills with my cutting-edge counseling skills, you experience a very direct and interactive session. You avoid the traditional therapy format of sitting on a couch talking to a blank-faced person who makes few comments and then abruptly ends the session. That is not what I believe counseling should be. I believe in you from the beginning. My intention is to work with you side by side to uncover, explore and cultivate the peace, love and joy you deserve. If this sounds like the style of counseling that may be a good fit for you, the next step is quite simple.

1. Simply call (512-381-0833) or email me to schedule your free thirty minute phone consultation in order to determine if my counseling and coaching style is in alignment with what you most need. Since this is about you, you must feel comfortable with whomever you choose. You may also visit the Meet Melissa page to learn more about my background and my philosophy.

2. After the initial consult, you will have the opportunity to move forward or simply find a different counselor who better fits you. One size does not fit all. There are many types of counseling and many types of counselors. It is important to find the one that you feel connected to.

3. If you opt to continue with me, we will schedule your first session and discuss all the logistics of working together.

Melissa Counseling & Coaching

1315 Sam Bass Circle, Suite B1
Round Rock, TX 78681    
(512) 381.0833

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I look forward to working with you to create desired change and growth
in your life or the lives of you and your partner.

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